How to Setting ePSXe into Fullscreen on Android

This is how you make ePSXe full screen. It's so easy to set this up in a minute!

How can I get my ePSXe to play games on full screen?

How to set it up is very easy, but there are some people who don't understand the proper way how to do it.

How to Setting ePSXe to Fullscreen on Android

Setting the ePSXe into fullscreen or fitted with the screen is one way to increase the satisfaction of playing PS1 games on Android.

Hence this short article I made to help you, here I will give you some tips:

How to Setting ePSXe into Full Screen on Android

Follow these steps:

1. Run the ePSXe app on your Android smartphone.

Will appear some menus to run the game, bios, multiplayer, preferences, etc.

The picture above is the ePSXe 2.0.7 version, so you may see the display is a bit different from the new version.

2. Tap or select the Settings menu.

There will be a preference that you can set to make the ePSXe application run optimally and have no lag when you play PS1 games. But in this tutorial, I will only discuss how to set the screen.

3. Scroll down the screen until you meet the Screen Preferences section.

How to Setting Screen Preferences ePSXe

4. Select 'Screen Orientation', then set it to Landscape.

5. Go back to the screen preference section, this time select 'Screen Ratio'. Set to WideScreen from the default setting 4:3.

With this setting, your ePSXe will be fullscreen when you play PS1 games. It will fit with your Android smartphone screen size.

You can also set it to Stretch, but I do not recommend it because the quality of the graphics will be slightly blurry, different from before.

If you don't want the ePSXe to be fullscreen, just turn the screen ratio back to 4:3.

That's how you make ePSXe Full Screen on Android. Thanks for reading this brief tutorial!

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