How to Reinstall Google Play Store If You Accidentally Deleted It

What can I do if I accidentally deleted Google Play Store on my Android phone? Here's how to recover & get it back!

Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google where you can get apps, games, books, movies, music, and more!

We can access Google Play services through the Play Store app that should be on your Android phone since you first bought it.

However, what happens if the Play Store app suddenly disappears because you accidentally deleted it from your Android phone? How do you recover and get it back?

How to Restore Google Play Store if You Accidentally Deleted It

If that happens, of course, you will not be able to download or install various applications, games, and other digital content on Google Play easily. Although you can still open the web version of Google Play.

But don't panic because how to solve this problem is very easy. You just need to reinstall the Play Store using the APK file, which you can get for free through the non-official website (but trusted), or transfer the app from other Android phones.

How to Reinstall Accidentally Deleted Google Play Store on Android

Please read the explanation below for more detailed steps:

1. First, make the following changes in your phone: Go to Settings > General > Security > Scroll down until you meet the Device Administration section > Then allow Unknown Source.

The above settings allow you to install apps that you get outside the Play Store.

2. Download the latest version of the Google Play Store Apk for your Android phone via this link:


*Copy and paste it into your browser.

You can also get it on other trusted websites. Just search on Google Chrome and type the keyword "Google Play Store Download".

3. After getting the APK file, open the folder where you saved the APK file. Then start the installation process.

4. All you need do to now is to wait until the installation process is complete.

You can use the above tips for Android phones and tablets. But if you don't want to follow that way, you can copy/transfer the Play Store app from another Android phone using SHAREit or other transfer apps.

That's how to get the accidentally deleted Play Store back. Very easy, right? If you're still having trouble restoring the app, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading this article!

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