This is What Happens if You Use Cheats in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Before you look for a cheat in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, it's good to know the negative effects if you use it first.

Using a cheat is a shortcut for some people to get something quickly or instant in a game. It seems very interesting because we don't need to bother doing complicated things anymore.

But unknowingly, there are some negative effects that can be generated from the use of these cheats when playing Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. Here I will summarize some...

The Effects of Using Cheats in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Here is the list...

1. Tools or Items Can't be Changed

Solution of Tools can't be changed Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

For example, when you hold a Hoe, you can not change it to Hammer. This is one of the issues that many players previously didn't know the cause.

At first, I was also confused, many people were asking about this problem on my Facebook page. Because I have never experienced this problem when playing HM: HoLV, so I can't give a solution.

But finally, after I searched for information and made a survey related to this issue on Facebook, I got the answer. Some people agree that this problem is caused because of you activating the cheat.

What kind of cheats?

I think the cheats are related to max equipment upgrades, 99 items, and an increase in the amount of storage in the bag.

The game may run smoothly at the beginning, but you may experience this problem in the future.

Solution: Move the 99 items that are the cause of the tools/items can't be changed from your Bag to the ToolBox in your house.

2. Cow Can't Be Milked

This problem will occur if you enable cheat "Barn Auto Feeder". The effect is that you no longer need to feed your animal in the chicken coop and animal barn because it will feed automatically every day.

Who feeds them?

Umm, Ghost maybe? Haha

As I mentioned above, the negative effect of using this cheat is you may not be able to milk your cow. Even if the cow has or will produce golden milk.

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3. You Can Quickly Get Bored

If anyone says that cheat makes a game more fun, I think that's wrong. If you use it in games like GTA might be true, but if you use it to play farming games like Harvest Moon, it will only make you more bored.


The main points of the Harvest Moon are farming, raising animals, time management, be friends with villagers, and others. If you use cheats to manipulate the main points above, of course, you just remove the core of the game itself.

So why do we play this game if the excitement of playing Harvest Moon is lost because of cheats? This is what we should consider.

Anyway, Harvest Moon is a kind of casual game and fairly easy to play. So we do not need to rush to get something instantly. Just relax and enjoy the game.


Those are the problems that can happen if you use cheats in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley. Actually, there are still many problems that have not known the exact cause, i.e stuck in the mine.

Is this the effect of a cheat too?

I don't know, I haven't got the right answer for now.

Actually, it's up to you to play with a cheat or not because everyone has the right to choose. However, you must be prepared to accept the effects of using these cheats.

If you experience some of the above problems, especially numbers 1 and 2, just turning off the cheat.

Go to settings > System > Unable Cheats.

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