Top 3 Worst Glitches in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

How to fix some famous bugs in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, i.e horse practice glitch, stuck after the horse race, and can't open the mine layer 2.

Bugs, errors, or whatever you call them, these sometimes game-breaking glitches can be your worst nightmare. Because those can disturb the whole experience of the gameplay.

Hence, in this article, we are going to tell you some of the famous and worst Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley glitches ever!

3. Horse Race Practice Glitch

This glitch occurs after you train for the horse race with Bob on Tuesdays or Gwen on Thursdays. Each time you finish the race with either one of them, a glitch will cause your character to off track into the sea.

The glitch causes no harm and can easily be fixed by leaving the area by following the fences to the back of the barn. See the picture below:

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Glitches

But you can do something fun like walk to the Sun and Sea until your character can be seen anymore.

If you bring your horse, you can enter Bob's ranch area to take back your horse with you.

2. Stuck After the Horse Race

This glitch occurs after the Horse Race event. Exactly after you've won the horse race (Short/Long/Steeplechase) and got notified that you've got a Transformer.

Basically, this bug makes you unable to move (stuck), can not press menus, or do anything else. You can only move the camera to look around.

You should be still riding your horse after the race end, but somehow when this bug happens you get off your horse, there is no horse (invisible), and then you get stuck.

So this makes the players must repeat the race again and sometimes make them frustrated because the bugs continue to happen. But you don't have to worry, we will tell you the solution to solve this problem.

The Solution:

The main cause of this bug is actually just a trivial thing. This bug happens because you started the race while 'riding' your horse.

So, to fix this bug is actually very easy. When you're going to the Horse Race at 2 AM, do not enter the horse race area while riding your horse. Just leave your horse before you enter the area. For example, Plaza.

Many players also ask question like this, Can I join the race but I don't take my horse with me? Of course you can, just try it.

After the Horse race is over, I'm 100% sure there will be no more bug like this to happen.

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1. Can't Open the Mine Chamber 2, etc

How to unlock the mine in HM: HoLV

There is the worst glitch in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, i.e you can't open the next level of the mines.

In fact, you are only required to wait every early season (i.e Summer 1) to open the mine chamber 2, and so on. Although some require you to complete the quest to open them.

After I searched a lot of information on this issue, I got some things that might cause the next level mines won't open and still blocked by large stones. Here's why:

  1. You've not completed the quest given by Ponta to get 20 Fish prints, especially if you want to unlock the Underground Lake (Fishing spot in the mine).
  2. Maybe you play the old Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley USA version which has sound effects (SFX) in the background.
  3. You play Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley pirated version. You need to remember that pirated games definitely have a lot of problems, so just accept it if there are bugs that interrupt your gameplay.

Maybe you ask like this, What does the point of number 2 mean?

When you play Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, and you find the sound of chickens, cows, horses, etc, not just the background music (BGM), then most likely you will not be able to open the next chamber of the mine.

Somehow on some PSP version, this can cause bugs that interrupt your game.

If I can't open mine chamber 2, Can I finish all endings? No, you can't!

It would be very harmful if the next level mines could not open. You will lose the opportunity to complete all the event endings.

Because you can't finish the Secret Fossil event path and you will fail to get the Best Ending because one of the mecha events (Mole) cannot be finished.

However, you can still get a Good Ending by completing 3 types of Tourist Spots or Nature Preserves event paths.

Have you ever had the glitches above? Let us know through the comments below.

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