Can't Find App on Google Play Search? Here are the Reasons and How to Get Discovered

Why I can't find the App on Google Play Search? Why the app didn't appear? Here are the reasons and get discovered.

For those of you who use an Android phone or tablet, no doubt you ever open the Google Play Store app to download applications or games you want.

But have you looking for a specific app or game to be downloaded but couldn't find it? Though the application is available on your friend's smartphone.

Can't Find App on Google Play and Make it Discovered
Some apps on Google Play

Or if you are a Developer and have uploaded the app to Google Play but didn't find it in search?

What is the cause? How to make it appear in Google Play Search? In this article, I will discuss it.

The Reasons for the Application Doesn't Appear in Google Play Search

Several things make it possible:

1. The App or Game has just been Released

The newly released apps will certainly take some time to appear on Google Play search. It's the same with newly published articles. The newborn babies will take time to grow up.

2. There is no Optimal Optimization from Developer

It takes a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique to optimize app visibility. This can be done by optimizing the description of the app which I will explain more deeply below.

3. The Application Don't Meet Engagement with Users

Not a lot of Android users install and give a review also greatly affects the visibility of the application in the search.

4. The App has not yet Released in Your Country

This is one of the policies in the Google Play Store, if you are a developer or have uploaded an app, then there are options to ask about which countries or regions can see and find your app.

So the availability in your country depends on the Developer, and it may take time to launch globally. For example, if the app is released for the USA and Europe, the application will likely be available in other countries within the next few days, weeks, or months.

5. Your Device is Not Compatible with the Application

Some applications are intended for devices with certain specifications. So if your phone does not meet these specifications, then you can not find it in the Play Store.

6. The App has been removed from Google Play Store

This could be the effect of a violation of Google Play policies, so Google has had to remove the app.

It can also be removed by the developer itself because they have lost interest in developing it. After all, it does not sell.

Easy Way to Find an App that Doesn't Appear in Google Play Search

This way for Android users, you can do a search on Google Chrome by typing the keyword "App Name Google Play" if you do not find it on the Play Store.

How To Make Apps Easy to Discovered on Google Play Search

Now for the Developer or Publisher. Google Play search is a key tool for Android users to find relevant and popular apps for their devices.

Therefore, it's important to ensure that your application is complete and optimal so your app can be found by users on Google Play. So it's expected to get a lot of installs

Text in-store listings help users find your app. Therefore, it's also important to make store listings as attractive as possible. Consider the following tips when optimizing your app on Google Play.

1. Use a Unique and Easy to Remember Name

The name or title of the app should be unique, easy to remember, and accessible. Avoid common terms, and show the benefits of the app.

Keep the title in focus, don't use long titles as they may be cut off, depending on the device that the user uses to search.

Avoid using misspelled common terminology, as users may comment on that.

2. Provide a Complete Description Following the SEO Rules

Focus on the users and write down what benefits they will get from your app.

For example for Android games, give details of the features that are available in the game along with Android phone specifications that can play it.

Re-review the description on the Google Play app, to make sure that the most important text is visible in the "upper half" chart.

Use Best SEO Practices in Descriptions, but note Google Play content policies regarding SPAM and IP violations, for example; excessive keywords, impersonation, and more.

3. Complete the Application with Graphic, Image, and Video Assets

Icons, images, screenshots, and trailer videos can make apps appear more prominent in search results, categories, and featured app lists.

While not all graphics assets are required in the store listings, you should add quality screenshots showing the supported platforms for the app.

3. Translate the Descriptions for Different Countries

Do not target your app for only one Country. If you can, make it global using the English language.

Actually, Google provides automatic machine translations for store lists, but you can't specify them explicitly (precisely and clearly).

Therefore, if you translate the Description with the help of a professional translator, then the search results for your app will be better and make it easier to find by users around the world.

On Play Console, you can also purchase the text of human translations from third-party vendors.

4. Create an Incredible User Experience

Google Play search factors that exist in the user experience when using your app are entirely based on user behavior and feedback.

Apps on Google Play are ranked based on a combination of ratings, reviews, downloads, and other factors.

The weight and value details are part of Google's search algorithm, but you can do some of the things below to improve your app's visibility:

  1. Build a more durable and meaningful user experience.
  2. Maintain and enhance the application of regular updates.
  3. Encourage users to provide feedback in the form of ratings and comments.
  4. Provide good service to customers by responding to and solving user problems. Usually, this is rarely done by some Developers or Publishers.

5. Promote the Application to Social Media and Google Adwords

Today's technology is very advanced, you can take advantage of Facebook, Instagram YouTube, and Twitter to promote your products.

Google also provides Adwords where you can advertise your products so they will appear on Google search, blogs, websites, or YouTube even though your app has not yet appeared on the search.


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