Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Minimum Requirements for Android

Before download the Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories v1.6, you need to know the minimum requirements for Android to prevent the installation problems.

If I may say, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is one of the most complicated Android games I've ever installed. So, let me tell you the story.

When first released on Google Play Store, Natsume did not give clear details of Android specifications to play Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, so there are many problems that occur during installation.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Minimum Requirements for Android

When we were going to buy the game on Google Play, many users receive a notification from Google Play that says," This App is incompatible with all of your devices". Though the smartphone met the criteria.

Therefore, Natsume's Facebook page was flooded with lots of questions from disappointed fans. The question they asked actually the same, "Why my smartphone is not compatible to play Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories?

Then, Natsume responded to the questions from some fans who could not play Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories. They gave a link that leads to a forum that explained the recommended Android devices to play Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories.

Note: I don't know why the thread on the forum was removed.

The First Minimum Requirements

Initially, the forum explained that the devices that don't compatible to play Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories are...

  1. The devices older than Android 4.2
  2. The devices released in March 2013 (although you bought them after March 2013).
  3. The devices have 512 MB of RAM.

Natsume also gives a list of recommended smartphones to Play HM: SoM. Here's some I remember.

  1. Aquos Ever
  2. Blade s Lite
  3. Experia Z Ultra. Z3, and Z3 Compact
  4. Galaxy J
  5. Galaxy Note 2.3, and Edge
  6. Galaxy S3
  7. Galaxy S4
  8. Galaxy S5
  9. Galaxy S7 and Edge
  10. Galaxy Tab S
  11. Nexus 6.7, and 9
  12. Optimus IT
  13. Zenfone 5

The Second Minimum Requirements

However, Natsume has updated the information on the incompatible devices. If your phones do not use the Android 4.4 (Jellybean) or above, released in March 2014, and less than 1.5 GB of RAM, you can't play HM: SoM.

Shortly after, they update it again on the Play Store Description.

The Final Minimum Requirements

From the short information provided, the compatible smartphones to play Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories are Android 4.4 or above and have more than 2 GB of RAM.

I was like, what is this Natsume? You are not consistent!

When I try to buy from the Google Play Store using Flash Plus 2 which is quite compatible with the required specifications, but in fact, there is still a problem during installation, at the end after the download.

A notification appears like this "failure to initialize! Your hardware does not support this application, sorry".

What happened? If my Android is not compatible, why can I buy it from the Google Play Store?

No wonder, very few users download it from the Play Store, surely lots of users ask for a refund because of this.

I am very disappointed to have bought it, and I can not play it. Finally, it appears my intention to get a refund. But before that, I find out what the problem is. And finally, I found a solution to solve this problem.

Want to buy Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories from the Google Play Store or anywhere, you need a special trick. Because in addition to the above problems, you can also experience a black screen problem.

If you've already bought from the Play Store and get into trouble above, you have to change the application to the Apk first, do not open it through the Google Play Store. After that, just open the Apk file to do the installation.

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