Thursday, May 10, 2018

How to Get Seashell and Pretty Seashell Easily - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

There are some gifts favored by all the villagers in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope ie; Seashell and Pretty Seashell.

Because it is liked by all villagers, it certainly makes it easier for you to increase their friendship points (FP) by giving these items.
How to Get Seashell and Pretty Seashell HM LoH

So you do not need to be confused anymore to find the favorite gifts of every villager because it can be replaced by giving this Seashell or Pretty Seashell.

Here's how to get them.

The Differences Between Seashell and Pretty Seashell

Significant differences between these two lie in the appearance, rarity, and price. The gift points are the same.

1. The Appearance
In terms of appearance, Pretty Seashell is bigger and beautiful than the normal Seashell. The appearance like a magic conch shell in SpongeBob animation.

2. The Rarity level
Pretty Seashell is more difficult to get than normal Seashell.

3. The Price
Pretty Seashell has a more expensive price because it is more difficult to obtain. The price of Seashell is 100 G if you sell it to Shipping Bin or Sam, while Pretty Seashell is 500 G.

But, if you sell both of them to Nova in Summer, the price will be more expensive.

How to Get Seashell and Pretty Seashell

Are not difficult, even very easy. You can get both of them on the sand of the beach area. But, you have to get and install the third Stone Tablet in the Lighthouse and unlock the beach area first.

Once the beach is open, go there. Then walk to the sand area. Once in the sand, dig the sand there.

Press the action button on the keyboard (see the settings in the options menu) to dig the sand, or you can click the left mouse for the fast way. If you lucky, you will get a Seashell or Pretty Seashell.

But keep in mind that you can only dig one plot of sand. You can not hold down the action button to dig a lot of sand at once with the Expert, Master, or Sacred Hoe.

Dig other sandy areas, if you have not got a Seashell or Pretty Seashell. The former hoes will be reset every day so you can hunt shells on the next day. But you need to pay attention to your stamina, so you do not faint.


In short, you need to get and install the third stone tablet in the Lighthouse to open the Beach area. Next, dig the sand there to get a Seashell and Pretty Seashell.