Birthdays and Villagers' Favorite Gifts - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Guide

This is the complete list of the birthdays and villagers' favorite gifts in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition PC, PS4, Switch, and Android.

Increasing friendship points (FP) with the villagers in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is very important, despite not directly impacting the main storyline significantly.

However, it is closely tied to fulfilling requests from villagers and pursuing marriage. If you aspire to marry one of the marriage candidates, you must certainly raise their friendship points (FP).

HM LoH Gift Guide

In Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, you require a minimum of 4 pink music notes and fulfill other criteria to get married. Similar to other games in the Harvest Moon series, you simply need to interact, converse, and give gifts to the villagers daily to increase their friendship points (FP).

You can boost their friendship points (FP) by giving them gifts they love (favorites), particularly on their birthdays. When villagers love the gifts, you'll see red hearts above their heads. If they simply like the gift, you'll notice yellow musical notes instead.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Gifts Guide: Birthdays, Likes and Dislikes

I didn't list what they "like" because it can be anything between the favorite and disliked gifts.

#Eligible Bachelorettes


Birthday: Spring 28
Loves: Grapefruit, Gems (Jade, Agate, etc.), Seashells
Dislikes: Cabbage


Birthday: Fall 14
Loves: Seasonings (Sugar, Salt, etc), Seashells, Bread
Dislikes: All spicy things


Birthday: Winter 7
Loves: Vegetables (Celery, Cabbage, Carrot, etc), Seashells.
Dislikes: Ores


Birthday: Spring 24
Loves: Orange, Seashells
Dislikes: Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom


Birthday: Summer 21
Loves: Animal Fur (Donkey Fur, Wool), Marguerite, and other flowers
Dislikes: Watermelon

Michelle (DLC character)

Birthday: Spring 16
Loves: Gems (Agate, Jade, Moonstone, Diamond, etc)
Dislikes: Crops/Vegetables, Ores

#Eligible Bachelors


Birthday: Spring 14
Loves: Yellow Dahlia, Yellow Tulip, and other Flowers
Dislikes: Stone, Lumber, Wool, Donkey Fur


Birthday: Spring 21
Loves: Flowers
Dislikes: Green Pepper


Birthday: Winter 2
Loves: Gems (Agate, Jade, Opal, Crystal, etc)
Dislikes: Sweet things


Birthday: Winter 21
Loves: Green Pepper, Gemstone, Seashells
Dislikes: Fishes


Birthday: Fall 28
Love: Fish dishes, Seashells, Ores
Dislikes: Grapefruit, Bronze, Glass

Shirlock(DLC character)

Birthday: Summer 16
Loves: Fish Burgers, Cuisine Cooked with Bread
Dislikes: Dairy Products, Ores, Lumber, Stone

#Other Villagers


Birthday: Fall 21
Loves: Fish, Home cooking, Seashells,
Dislikes: Animal Fur (Wool, Donkey Fur, etc)


Birthday: Winter 14
Loves: Stone, Ores, Flowers
Dislikes: Pumpkin


Birthday: Summer 7
Loves: Ores
Dislikes: Fruits (Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Peach, etc)


Birthday: Fall 7
Loves: Lumber, Bread
Dislikes: Pasta


Birthday: Winter 28
Loves: Flowers, Pasta
Dislikes: Stone, Lumber


Birthday: Summer 14
Loves: Foraged items (Bamboo Shoot, Poinsettia, Mushroom)
Dislikes: Animal products (Milk, Egg, Wool, Donkey Fur, etc)


Birthday: Summer 28
Loves: Jam, Butter, Sweet things, Bread
Dislikes: Carrot, Stone, Lumber, Sugar, Salt


Birthday: Spring 21
Loves: Juice, Seashells
Dislikes: Flowers


Birthday: Spring 7
Loves: Gems
Dislikes: Egg dishes (Home cooking with egg as an ingredient).

#Magical Characters

Harvest Goddess

Birthday: Winter 1
Loves: Strawberry Jam, Seashells
Dislikes: Precious Metals (Silver, Gold, Adamantite, etc ), Flour, Stone

Harvest God

Birthday: Summer 1
Loves: Peach, Seashells
Dislikes: Dairy Products (milk, egg, etc.), Flour, Lumber


Birthday: Fall 1
Loves: Sunny Red, and other Flowers, except Blue Rose
Dislikes: Juice, Stone, Lumber, Gems

Rowan (Yellow sprite)

Birthday: Spring 18
Loves: Vegetables (Cabbage, Corn, Tomato, etc), Mushroom
Dislikes: Lumber, Stone

Blossom (Pink sprite)

Birthday: Spring 18
Loves: Marguerite, and other Flowers
Dislikes: Lumber, Stone, Hot pepper

Flint (Orange sprite)

Birthday: Spring 18
Loves: Stone, Ores
Dislikes: Gems

Dewy (Blue sprite)

Birthday: Spring 18
Loves: Perch, Yellow Perch, and other Fish
Dislikes: Fish Dishes

Woody (Green sprite)

Birthday: Spring 18
Loves: Apple
Dislikes: Iron, Lumber

Calvin (Red sprite)

Birthday: Spring 18
Loves: Milk, Egg, and other animal products
Dislikes: Crops

Oliver (Purple sprite)

Birthday: 18 Spring
Loves: Berries, Seashells, Home cooking
Dislikes: Crops, Egg dishes

Soleil (Special Edition)

Birthday: The day he/she appears
Loves:  Gems, Seashells, Ores
Dislikes: Animal Fur, Fish dishes, Metals

Note: All characters love Seashells and Home Cooking (anything you can make with your stove). That's why I didn't list it anymore on some of the villager's favorite gifts above.

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You can obtain information about the villagers' most favorite and disliked gifts from Tabitha when she's at home. Afterward, you'll find this information listed in the "Villagers" menu.

That's the list of birthdays and villagers' favorite gifts in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (LoH). If you notice any incorrect information, please let me know in the comments below, and I'll update the article promptly. Thank you.

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