Can I Buy Milk in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope?

Why can't I get milk from adult cow? How do you get milk without cows in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Android, PC, PS4, and Switch?

Milk is one of the important ingredients needed to finish the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope storyline. One of its functions is as an item for making Blue Bird's feed. Milk also can be sold, consumed, cooked, or given to the villager.

But the problem is getting milk in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope requires a long process. Unlike Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland or Hero of Leaf Valley where we can do part-time work, then get milk as a bonus reward.

Get milk without cows in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Not to mention the problems that occur when you've bought a cow but it doesn't produce milk or can't be milked even though it is healthy, clean, and not sick. These problems can make you frustrated.

As someone who doesn't like complicated things and is too lazy to take care of many animals, you have a question to ask other players.

Can I get milk without cows in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope?

Unfortunately, you can't. You need cows to get milk, so you have to wait patiently. They only need 15 days to fully grow up, after that they will produce milk every day. It's not that bad anyway.

However, you can get milk as a reward for completing some of Gabriel's requests, but by the time you receive or complete them, your cow may be fully grown. So it's better to raise the cow for future investment.

How to get milk in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Of course, you must have a cow. You can buy a normal cow for 7000G (produce normal milk) or 20000G for a brown cow (produce chocolate milk) from Sofia's Livestock. Read this article for more details: Animals - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Guide.

You can only get milk from cows after they eat so make sure the hungry icon has disappeared from the top of their heads. Animals need a few hours to eat so if you feed them in the morning, you have to come back after a few hours because time doesn't run in the barn.

You can leave some fodders in the barn troughs overnight, that way they eat in the morning while you watering your crops (if you have some). When you visit the barn, hopefully, they will have already eaten and you just leave more food in there for the next day.

I also suggest you grow grass on your farm so your animals can eat outside the barn. This saves a lot of time and energy!

That's the explanation about Milk in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Switch, Android, PC, and PS4. Thank you for reading this article to the end.

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