Monday, June 11, 2018

Harvest Moon: BtN/FoMT Mystery: Who is the Little Girl in the Opening Scene?

Hello, welcome for those of you who are new to this blog. In this post, I will discuss one of the most famous mysteries in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town, i.e Pete's childhood friend. You might be wondering, who is the little girl in the opening scene actually?

Okay, let me explain the rumors and the truth.

When Pete was a kid, he and his Grandfather who was a farmer came to Mineral Town in the summer.

He met a little girl, they talked and sang together on the top of Mother Hill. From then on, they became best friends.
Who is the Misterious Little Girl HM: BtN/FoMT?

But when the holiday ends, Pete finally returns to the city, he promises to the little girl that he will return to Mineral Town.

The rumor: The little girl is Aja

Aja is Manna's and Duke's daughter who had long disappeared. Some players just said that Aja disappears because she follows Pete into the city.

There is also a rumor saying that if we do not marry until the 18th year, then Aja will return to Mineral Town and you will marry her. This rumor has not been proven true because no one has ever proved it directly.

And I think it does not make sense, why do we have to wait until 18th years to meet her? We may be getting old first while waiting for her back to Mineral Town. Haha.

The truth: That little girl is the woman you marry or has the highest friendship points

I think many fans would agree if the little girl is a woman who you marry. This is reinforced in the third year, there will be a scene where you are invited to the Mother Hill by your wife.

She will admit that she is your childhood friend. She says,"ahh this brings back many years has it been since we talked together like this here? Do you remember? What we promised...I waited all the time..for you."
HM: FoMT: The little child revealed

Then will appear a flashback with the little girl.

If you do not believe it, just try re-playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and marry different women. If you don't want to play it back, just ask other players whether they also find the same or not.

Whoever woman you marry, whether it's Ann, Elli, Karen, Mary, or Popuri, you'll get the scene as described above.

But if you decided not to marry anyone, you will be invited by a girl who has the highest friendship points.

The developer of Harvest Moon: BtN/FoMT is very smart to make players curious because they also do not mention directly who she is in the beginning.

But I think the developer had clearly explained who the little girl was, from the story.

The little girl is just a character who presents 5 women (6 in FoMT, include Harvest Goddess) you can choose to marry.

If you notice, the six women must have little similarities in appearance and personality. Yes, although there are also many differences.

So do not let that little girl be the reference to the woman you want to marry. Just choose the woman you like, and then she will be the little girl.

Okay, who is a girl who looks the most like her?

If you force me to choose which girl is closest to the little girl, I will choose Elli.

Why Elli?

Because when viewed in terms of the dress, hair, and personality, it's similar to the little girl.

How about the Harvest Goddess?

She may have a similarity, but I have no good reason to choose her.


Now you already know that the little girl is your best friend or one of the women who became your wife later.

So the point is, all the marriage candidates have the same opportunity to become the little girl. She is a character who represents all the marriage candidates.