How to Get All Power Berries - Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland Guide

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Cheats, Tips, and Guide to get all Power Berries!

In this article, we are going to talk about how to find Power Berries to increase stamina in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. Because it is indeed one of the top secrets that we need to know.

All farming and mining activities in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland require lots of energy, so you need Power Berries to increase the stamina of your character.

How to Find Power Berry in HM: STH

Eating a lot of foods is not enough to restore your stamina in this game. Therefore, increase stamina is the only solution. More stamina will make your farming jobs easier.

There are 5 Power Berries you can get in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. You can check them in the "Status" on the Diary. However, there is also a rumor that you can get 6 berries, but I only found 5 of them so far.

So you may be wondering, where can I find all the Power Berries? Ok, here we go...

All Power Berry Locations in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland

1. Pasture on your farm

Cut the grass on the pasture in front of the animal barn. It's randomly placed, but I suggest you cut the grass in the top right corner area first, then you maybe find a Power Berry there.

2. From the Harvest Goddess

Befriend the Harvest Goddess by giving her a vegetable after you make a wish every day (if you can). This should be done for around 30 days (accumulation).

In the morning, spend your energy to work and go to the Goddess Spring to make a wish (remember not too early). If you are lucky, you will be given a Power Berry by her.

3. Maple Lake

Often fishing at Maple Lake and eventually, you will get a Power Berry there. The signs you will get a Power Bery are a large circle and a little bit hard to be a pull.

4. Sacred Land

During the Treasure Hunt 1/2, when you make it to the Sacred Land, till the field which has star, love, notes icons, etc, there you will get a Power Berry.

5. From the Harvest Sprites

Make friends with the Harvest Sprites at least they have 2 hearts and your dog has at least 3 hearts. One day, Flak will be missing and the other Sprites ask you for help, in the end, your dog will help them to find him.

The next day, the Sprites will come to your bedroom to give you a Power Berry as a thank you.

The rumor: The sixth power berry can be obtained by tilling the soil on your farm with a hoe.

That's How to Get All Power Berries in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. Thanks for reading this article.

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