Top 5 YouTube Channels You Should Watch if You Play Last Day on Earth

Here's Top 5 Best Last Day on Earth YouTubers you should watch!

Many gamers upload Let's Play videos on YouTube, whether just for fun, or routinely upload walkthroughs, tips, and tricks from their favorite video games.

What they upload can also help you if you struggle with playing certain games. In this post, I will tell you the top YouTube channels you should watch if you play Last Day on Earth: Survival.

Top 5 Last Day on Earth YouTube Channels you should watch

Note: I am not getting paid to promote them, this is purely from my own desire.

For those who don't know, Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival game developed and published by Kefir! Studios for Android and iOS.

This game had the potential to be the best mobile game out there before the developer screwed up their opportunities.

1. Jugando con Fuerza (JCF)

He is one of the top YouTubers who uploaded videos about Last Day On Earth. The expertise of Fuerza is to provide hidden changes, tips, and tricks on how to save resources (e.g. weapons) and time in playing Last Day on Earth.

Tips and tricks he ever made such as how to get the gas tank, how to clear Bunker Alfa without guns, how to find and breed dogs, and other interesting content about Last Day on Earth.

In every content he creates, he always adds voice annotations in English. His English voice and accent are very cool

The explanation is also very easy to understand and useful for Last Day on Earth players. Although his style of speech is quite fast. Anyway, you should watch his videos and subscribe to this channel.

2. Resbakk Gaming

Previously known as Boyaks Gaming before his main account was banned by YouTube. He is also one of the YouTubers that plays Last Day on Earth a lot.

He is known for his upload speed (most active) and often exploits the glitches to make Last Day on Earth: Survival look easier.

Maybe this is because the videos he uploaded are only given English explanations in text form. Unlike Jugando con Fuerza who always gives more effort and quality to every video he makes.

However, the explanation given by Resbakk Gaming is very useful and informative even only with text. You should watch this channel if you do not want to miss the latest Last Day on Earth tips and tricks.

3. Doomeris

Similar to JCF, this channel also often uploads videos about Last Day on Earth tips and tricks along with informative explanations. He is widely known because of his Bunker Alfa Maps.

4. Starsnipe - Daily Videos

He uploads various games on YouTube, including LDoE. This channel is more in the direction of showing you the latest Last Day on Earth updates. Although sometimes he also gives some tips and tricks.

5. Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon

This YouTube channel is quite different from the YouTube channels I've described above. In addition to providing tips and long walkthroughs, the Last Day On Earth videos that he uploaded are mostly entertaining.

More precisely, this channel aims to make people laugh instead of giving tips and tricks to play the game. You should check this channel.

In addition to the channels above, you can also visit Element X - LDoE as optional.

That's the top 5 Last Day on Earth YouTubers you should watch. I hope the above channels can help you play the game.

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