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Welcome to Last Day Earth: Survival Guide. On this page, you will get a lot of useful information, tips, and tricks for playing LDoE.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a zombie survival game developed and published by Kefir! Studios for Android and iOS. Although still in beta and not much can be accessed, this game potentially is one of the best games on the Google Play Store.

Complete Last Day On Earth Survival Wiki Guide

This game is similar to some games like H1Z1 and DayZ on PC, you act as a Survivor with other players (Multiplayer) in the middle of world chaos due to a Zombie attack.

The game begins in the middle of nowhere filled with Zombies. This area will become your base. Your adventure as a Survivor starts here.

On the Last Day on Earth, you can do many things, including; making something (crafting), building houses, killing zombies and other survivors, and gathering resources to survive.

Explanation of Main Menu in Last Day on Earth

Before I start to explain more deeply, it's good for you who are beginners to understand the menus below first.

Build House

A menu for moving furniture, building, and upgrading the house. If you want to upgrade the house, just click on this menu and select a floor, wall, or door which you want to upgrade.


Here you can see the items you are carrying or wearing. The items that can be brought will be expanded if you use a backpack.


A menu where you can craft something for your survival needs. You can also see what ingredients are needed to make it here.

As the character level increases, you will get 2 points to unlock the new item you made. So essentially, the higher your level, the more stuff you can make.


The place where you can buy some items with real money. You can also check your inbox on this menu.


A menu that lets you attack or ambush other players from far away using Dragunov Rifle.

Build New Base

You can create a new home in another area, then you have to make a Zombie Truck first.


A place where you can join or create your own Clan. If you want to create your own Clan, you must build a Radio Tower.

If you have a Clan, there are several benefits you can get from:

  • Can fight to Pump Jack and Oil Refineries, where the places contain resources such as rocks, metal, and fuel.
  • You'll have a clan headquarters.

For a deeper explanation, please read: How to a Build Radio Tower and Join Clan in Last Day on Earth: Survival.


Here you can change the language, sound, and graphics, and disconnect your Google Play account if you want to repeat from the beginning

List of Locations You Can Visit on Last Day on Earth

There are various locations that you can visit. But some places require you to move using vehicles like ATVs and helicopters.

If you want to move locations, you have to walk toward the green (grass) area. Later, a world map and some locations that you can visit.

Each time you move from one location to another, it will take a few minutes to arrive, it depends on the distance. However, this can be accelerated if you use Energy or Chopper.

Here is the list of locations you can visit, other than your own:

Other Survivor Houses

You can visit their house to steal some items stored in the house. But you must bring some Hatchet, Iron Hatchet, or C-4 to break in. It depends on the material of the house itself.

If it's made from the Pin Logs, you can destroy the wall or door with a Hatchet.

If it's from the Pine Planks, you should use an Iron Hatchet.

If it's from Stone Brick, you should use a C-4.

Farming Areas

A farming area is a place where you can level up your character, get resources to survive, and build a house.

However, each location has a level of danger that could have killed you, this danger sign can be seen above that location.

1. Green Zones means safe.

Enemies: Roaming zombies (Major), Fast Bitter, Gray Wolf, Floater Bloaters (rarely), and other Survivors.

2. Yellow Zones are quite dangerous (you have to be careful).

Enemies: Roaming zombies, Fast Biter (Major), Toxic Spitter, Gray Wolf, Floater Bloaters, The Big One (rarely), and other survivors.

3. Red zones are the highest danger level, never enter if do not have a lot of equipment.

Enemies: Almost all types of zombies are here. Ambush from another survivor

Some of the locations categorized as farming areas are:

1. Limestone Ridge

Threat: 1 (Green zone)
Stone: 1
Wood: 1
Metal: 1
Loot: 1

2. Limestone Cliffs

Threat: 2 (Yellow zone)
Wood: 1
Stone: 2
Metals: 2
Loot: 2

3. Limestone Spires

Threats: 3 (Red zone)
Wood: 1
Stone: 3
Metals: 3
Loot: 3

4. Pine Bushes

Threats: 1 (Green zone)
Wood: 1
Stone: 3
Metals: 1
Loot: 3

5. Pine Grove

Threats: 2 (Yellow zone)
Wood: 2
Stone: 1
Metals: 1
Loot: 2

6. Pine Wood

Threats: 3 (Red zone)
Wood (Pine and Oak): 3
Stone: 1
Metals: 0
Loot: 3

7. Oak Bushes

Threats: 1 (Green zone)
Oakwood: 1
Stone: 3
Metals: 1
Loot: 3

8. Oak Grove

Threats: 2 (Yellow zone)
Oakwood: 2
Stone: 1
Metals: 1
Loot: 2

9. Oak Wood

Threats: 3 (Red zone)
Oakwood: 3
Stone: 1
Metals: 0
Loot: 3

Oak Bushes, Grove, and Wood are only accessible if you have an ATV.

10. Infected Forest

Although included in the red zone, this location is very different from the others. Never come here without full equipment if you do not want to die. Here is the home of The Big One.

Threats: 3
Wood: 3
Stone: 1
Metals: 0
Loot: 3

11. Wooded Foothills

12. Frosty Backwoods

The numbers like 0, 1, 2, and 3 below the word "threat" are indicators of the amount of material/stuff available in that location. The higher number means more stuff you can get.

Military Bunker (Alfa to Zulu)

Military Bunker was originally an army base, but now it has become Zombie's headquarters. The outside area is no Zombie at all. There are only a few trees you can cut down.

In this area, all items you have taken will not be restored anymore. You can use the locker that is in the main building as a place of storage for your stuff for a while.

You need a CAC Card (A-Z) to open the main entrance of the Bunker building.

The list of CAC Cards visible in the game for now:

  • CAC Card A (Alfa), from yellow zones or another survivor base.
  • CAC Card B (Bravo), from Loot box yellow zones.
  • CAC Card C (Charlie)
  • CAC Card D (Delta)
  • CAC Card F (Foxtrot)
  • CAC Card R (Romeo), from the Plane Crash event.
  • CAC Card Z (Zulu), from beating The Big One.

Bunker Alfa

When you first enter this area, you will be greeted by a green area and there is a dead body (an army) in front of the main entrance. From there, you will get CAC Card A (now you can't) which is used to open the door of the main building of Bunker Alfa.

Bunker Alfa has a basement of levels 1 through 6 that can be accessed through the Vault Door. In the basement, there are a lot of traps and powerful Zombies on guard.

From killing the Zombie, you will get green, yellow, and red coupons that can be exchanged for suitcases containing valuable stuff.

Especially weapons and materials for making vehicles such as Chopper, ATV, and Helicopter. It depends on your luck.

To enter the basement, you need the Vault Code which changes every 2 days. This also indicates that the zombie that you have defeated is reset.

This code can be obtained from:

  • CB Radio
  • Army corpse marked as X (red) in the Farming Areas (Random)

Bunker Alfa Code Today

You can also see the Vault Door Bunker Alfa Code Daily Update here. If you've already gone to Bunker Alfa but you forgot to see the code on CB Radio:

Note: we no longer update Bunker Alfa code. 

Bunker Bravo

The appearance of the outer area of Bunker Bravo is similar to Bunker Alfa, only here it looks drier. You need CAC Card B to open the door of the main building.

Unlike Bunker Alfa, you should look for CAC Card B itself in the yellow or red zones, usually obtained from Loot Box. Can also be obtained AirDrop Supply event.

Be careful if you want to go to Bunker Bravo because you will be greeted by lots of zombies, after opening the door of the main building. There are 15 Fast Biter, a Floater Bloater, and a Toxic Abomination.

The Bunker Bravo basement is not accessible yet because the machine used to open the Vault Door is broken.

Minimal supplies to carry:

Weapons: 1 Glock 17 and 1 Machete (safe play) or 2 Machete Full Durability.
Armors: Tactical Armor Full Durability (safe play) or below it also does not matter if you do not have.
Foods: 20 Carrot Stew and a little extra food or medicine.
Drink: Bottle of Water

Bunker Charlie

Bunker Charlie is located on an island in the middle of the sea. To get there, you must drive a helicopter.

You need CAC Card C to enter Bunker Charlie. This card can be obtained in the Bravo Bunker locker.

Note: Don't go into Bunker Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie if you do not have good preparation. This preparation includes complete strategies, weapons, armor, medicine, drink, and food!

Pump Jack

Here you can get Limestone, Gasoline, and Metals. However, you must join a Clan first to access this place.

Watch Tower

Watch Tower is a new location that can be accessed without using ATV on update 1.6.0. If you visit this place, you can open some secret areas that were not previously identified on the map. However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

When you enter this area, you need a Crowbar to open the door that says "Keep Out" in which there are some Floater Bloater and Toxic Abomination on the guard. So, you must beat those zombies first.

To activate the Watch Tower you must create an Electric Generator from the blueprints menu that has been finalized. You also need a Chopper to take the Generator from your home to Watch Tower.

So, I suggest you create and bring a Crowbar, an Electric Generator, and some firearms before going to this location.

When you put the Generator that has been finalized in the Watch Tower, there will be more Zombies coming to attack you. This is because the noise of the Generator drew their attention.

After that, you can access the Watch Tower completely and open a new zone that has the Winter season.

In addition, in the Watch Tower area, you can also get an Oak Log by cutting down Oaktree using an Iron Hatchet.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Events

At certain times (random) there will be events in Last Day on Earth. On the map, generally will appear blue exclamation mark (!).

Some of them will give you a big advantage, so do not miss it when the event comes up, because the time is very limited.

Here is the list of these events:

Humanitarian Airdrop Supply

Soldiers dropped the aid boxes containing valuable stuff like weapons and crafting items for your needs. Stuff for crafting the vehicle can also be obtained from here.

Here, there will be many Zombies on the guard, and often respawn suddenly. So be careful. Also, prepare your equipment before heading to the event.

Plane Crash

A plane falling is a blessing in this game. You can get lots of valuable items like weapons, full armor, the items for crafting from the incident.

The guarding area is also not as tight as AirDrop Supply. Mostly, there is Roaming Zombie and Gray Wolf. So no need to bring a lot of equipment when you want to go to this event. If you can, don't bring anything.

Unfortunately, this event rarely appears again if you reach level 35 or higher.

Zombie Horde

Every 24 hours, there will be a bunch of Zombies that lead to your house. If you stay at home when this event happens, you will see a lot of Zombies who want to break into your house.

If your house is still made of Pine Logs and there is no trap at all, it will be very easy for them to destroy your house wall.

Therefore, it's good not to block them and fight them. Just do not go to your base and offline until they pass. Zombie Horde will only destroy one wall of your house.

Update 1.5.6: Zombie Horde will still destroy a lot of (reach 5 or more) walls made from pine logs even though you are offline.


The dealer will appear after you make CB Radio. He will offer you to exchange the things he wants, what he asks is random. The item he requested will be exchanged for his Weapon Crate. This box contains random weapons.

You can attack the Dealer, but you will be attacked back by using an M16 weapon. So do not mess around, haha.


The healer will appear in your base near the broken truck every 1 day after Zombie Horde. He will give you a choice of food after you eat one of them, you have to watch an ad.

The food has the following effects:

1. Brainweed Seeds: the Exp you get increases by 100% (Multiplied 2).

2. Herbal Mix: The damage attack by hand will increase by 30%.

3. Infected Venison: The damage of close combat weapon attacks will increase by 20%.

4. Muddy Broth: The chance to find the vehicle parts will increase by 5%.

5. Muscle Vines: Restore the energy to the maximum (100).

6. Strange Berries: The chance of finding a weapon increases by 5%.

7. And others.

This effect is only valid for 1 hour, except for Muscle Vines.

Tricks: If you already have a coupon ready to be exchanged with a suitcase containing weapons, vehicle parts, and armor in Bunker Alfa, do not exchange the coupons first!

If you want to get a gas tank or motorcycle handlebars quickly, eat Muddy Broth from Healer first before exchanging the coupons at Bunker Alfa to increase the chances of getting vehicle parts.

Although it only adds a 5% chance, that number is very meaningful. If you do this, you will most likely get the most important part of crafting a vehicle that is hard to find.

This also applies to Strange Berries if you want to get a lot of guns.

Rest Stop

This is a new event that appears on update 1.5.8. But to go to the event location, you must have a Chopper. Almost like Plane Crash, here you can get valuable items.

The difference, this event is very dangerous. When you visit this event, there will be 4 possibilities that occur.

First, you will be greeted by 1 Survivor (NPC AI) who tries to direct you to his 2 friends. But when you arrive, you will be attacked by them.

Second, one of the Survivors will come to you for help because his friend is surrounded by a bunch of zombies. They will not attack you unless you attack them or take something from them.

Third, there will be 3 Survivors. 2 standing near Chopper and one of them is hunting dear. Survivors are not willing when you enter the area of this event because there are many deer to be hunted. So he told you to go from the event area or they will attack you.

Fourth, there are 2 Survivor groups (a total of 8 people). They are fighting over something. If you do not bother them, they will attack each other. As for the rest of the survivors, you can kill easily. This is the best Rest Stop event than any other.

Whatever you do, just kill them all. If you manage to beat them, you can take their things, either taken or put on a motorcycle. Therefore, prepare weapons, food, and medicines first before entering this event area.

Wrecked Ship

Smuggler's Camp

How to Summon Rest Stop, Humanitarian AirDrop Supply, Plane Crash, and Dealer Events

These events will appear in the energy you have is a little (30 down) or when you are in and out of the area. So here are tips I can give:

1. From your house, Go to the farthest location on the map. Remember, you must have 100 energy. Use energy to speed up the journey.

2. Farming first in the place to waste energy is not in vain. When you exit this area, there is the possibility one of the events will come out immediately. But if not, go to the next step.

3. Go back to your house, and use energy to speed up the journey.

4. Go to your house to put your things. After that, get out of your home area.

5. One of the three events above will appear.

Tips: If you do not have enough energy to speed up the journey to the event location, watch the ads. Choose a specific location, click Use Energy, watch an ad, and your energy will increase by 15 points.

Last Day on Earth Survival Guide

How long you can survive is the point of this game. Every second you waste is crucial. If you fail to survive, you will die meaninglessly.

The items you have got In your backpack will disappear forever unless you die in certain areas such as your Base, Military Bunker, or events like Humanitarian ADS, and Crashed Plane.

If you die there you still have a chance to take your stuff back from your corpse. For the event area, you must retrieve it before the event is gone.

Some things can make you die like starvation, dehydration, exposure to toxic gases (which only happens in Bunker), cold, killed by Zombies and other Survivors.

When your character begins to hungry and thirsty, there will be the words "I'm hungry or I'm thirsty" and an icon will start appearing on top of your character's head. If hunger and thirst points reach 0, you will start losing Health Points (HP) and eventually die.

I'm also reminded that the point of hunger and thirst is falling very fast, so you have to be ready for food and water at all times. 

Last Day on Earth Guide: How to Get Foods

Food is divided into 2 types, i.e. raw and cooked foods. Significant differences from both are the number of HP or hungry/thirsty points that increase when eaten.

If the food is raw, it increases very slightly, different if it is cooked, you can get more points by eating it. So try to cook it first if possible, but if not, just eat it raw.

Here is a list of foods on the Last Day on Earth and how to get them.

1. Berry

Berries can be obtained easily from the Farming Area. The map will show a picture of the plant.

HP: 5
Hunger: 2
Thirst: 1

2. Berry Tea

You must create a Campfire first to make this. To create Campfire it takes 5 Pine logs, 5 Limestone, and 1 Plant Fiber.

Just put 3 berries at the Campfire and fill the fuel with wood, a few minutes later Berry Tea will be ready to drink.

HP: 0
Hunger: 5
Thirst: 30

3. Carrot

You have to make a Garden Bed to get carrots. Materials needed are 5 Pine Log and 1 Plant Fiber to make a Garden Bed.

As for the Carrot seeds, can be obtained when you take Plant Fiber in the Farming Area.

HP: 15
Hunger: 25
Thirst: 5

4. Carrot Stew

Cook Carrots through the Campfire.

HP: 20
Hunger: 25
Thirst: 5

5. Raw Meat

Raw meat is obtained from animal hunting (deer) or wolves in the Farming Area. To kill a deer, you have to sneak by clicking on the icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen, then after the close, just attack him.

HP: 7
Hunger: 5
Thirst: 5

6. Juicy Steak

Cook raw through Campfire.

HP: 20
Hunger: 30
Thirst: 5

7. Jerky

You just have to put the Raw Meat on the Meat Dryer to make it. It takes 5 Pine Plank, 12 Rope, and 10 Limestone to make a Meat Dryer.

HP: 20
Hunger: 40
Thirst: 5

8. Baked Bean

You can get it from Loot Box in the Farming Area.

HP: 15
Hungry: 25
Thirst: 5

Tips: Make in consecutive 2 Garden Bed, 2 Campfire, and 2 Meat Dryer, if you can make it already. I am sure you will avoid starving to death.

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Last Day on Earth Guide: How to Get Water

Water can be obtained easily if you make a Rain Catcher. You only need 10 Pine Logs, 3 Pieces of Cloth, and 2 Scrap Metal to make it.

Although the game itself does not rain, you can still fill the water with the tool. You just have to put an empty bottle in Rain Catcher, after a few minutes, the bottle will be fully loaded with drinkable water (Thirst: 50).

If you do not have a bottle of water, you can get it from a loot box or bag in the Farming AirDrop Supply, Crashed Plane, Military Bunker, or steal from other Survivor houses.

Besides a bottle of water, you can drink Beer and Berry Tea to relieve thirst for a while. But be careful, if you drink Beer, you will immediately die pee.

Tips: Do not throw away empty bottles. Make 2 Rain Catchers for the abundant supply of bottles of water.

Last Day on Earth Guide: How to Beat Zombies and Other Survivors

Actually to beat them is very easy if you have weapons, armor, and full food supplies. You can still win even though you playing with no strategies. But what if you have some minimum equipment or even not have it at all?

Of course, you need strategies and techniques to survive. Here I will explain some of them:

1. Use the sneak attack technique

You can sneak by pressing the icon located in the bottom right corner. Use this technique to make it easier for you to kill zombies one by one. The damage will be multiplied 3 times if you attack the enemy quietly.

2. Drag Zombie's attention one by one

Sometimes, there are zombie hordes who guard. So the sneak attack technique cannot be used.

So you need to draw their attention one by one to catch you by walking as usual. You can also use the bow as another option. If one of them sees you, he'll come after you.

Beating them one by one would be easier than fighting them simultaneously.

3. Move out of the area first if you are surrounded by Zombies and other Survivors

If there is only 1 zombie and 1 Survivor do not be afraid to fight him. But if too many zombies are chasing, there are even other Survivors as well, better run out of the area first.

After that, go back into the area. At least the Zombies who attacked you will return to their original position (but still catch you) and the Survivor who was after you will be gone.

But if you are sure you can beat them, it's ok to fight them. Because there are indeed some Survivors who have valuable stuff, so it's too bad to miss.

Note: Some Zombies need a special way to defeat.

Last Day on Earth: Farming Guides

You will do a lot of farming material in this game. It also aims to raise the level quickly. So we need the right way to farm. The steps I use often are like this:

1. Choose the farming location

I suggest you farm in the green or yellow zones only, not in the red zones. If your goal is for farming materials like a log, limestone, and iron ore, choose a green zone.

If you also want to level up your character, I suggest you farm in the yellow zones. But if the material is only in the red zones, then you have to farm there.

In addition, choose a location that contains the materials you need. If you need wood (Pine Log), go to Pine Bushes or Pine Grove. If you need Limestone or Metal, go to Limestone Ridge or Limestone Cliffs. If you need Oak logs, head to Oak Bushes, Grove, and Red Zones.

2. Prepare the equipment before moving from your house

The following items should be at least:

Farming Tools: Hatchet or Pickaxe (Depending on where you want to farm)

Weapons: Spear (Green Zone), Melee Weapon with 20 damage up (Yellow Zone), and Firearms for Red Zone.

Armors: Shirt, Cargo Pants, Dad Hat, and Sneakers or better (not a must for the green zone).

Foods: Carrot Stew, Juicy Steak, or Jerky bring a maximum of 20 (Choose one only)

Drinks: Bottle of Water or Berry Tea

In addition to the items above, keep your valuable stuff in your home, do not be taken.

3. Defeat all other Zombie guards and Survivors (if any)

When you have entered the location you selected, defeat the zombie guard first. The way as I have explained above.

4. Use the "Auto" feature for Farming

If all Zombies are defeated, use the "Auto" feature located in the bottom-left corner of the screen to start farming. You just wait until all the resources are taken.

If your inventory is full, do not hesitate to remove items that are not needed. You can also take advantage of a loot box in the area to move the items for a while.

5. Make sure that you have taken all the items in this farming area

Besides enabling the Auto feature, you also can see the map in the top right corner. If there are still a tree, rocks, plant icons, yellow spots, and x marks on the map, That means there are items that you have not taken.

Go back to your house, place the item in the storage box, or use it directly. Repeat steps 1 through 5.

Other Tips and Tricks Last Day on Earth: Survival

  • Do not use food or medicine when you want to level up because your Health Point will be fully charged again.
  • Upgrade your house to survive Zombie attacks and avoid your items being stolen by other Survivors.
  • If you want to make Chopper, you should upgrade the floor to level 2 first because this is needed to put the project to make Chopper.
  • Place an item or food in the pocket for quick use.
  • If you want to see a description of the item, press and hold it right on the item you want, a short explanation will appear.
  • Make sure you take a shower if you get vomit from Toxic Spitter, so your body odor does not attract zombie attention.
  • When fighting 1 vs 1 with the enemy, cutting down trees, breaking rocks, etc., just hold the action button, no need to press it repeatedly.


Q: I want to play this game, how to download it?

A: Just go to the Play Store or App Store. Use this link, Android: goo.gl/JQu42X, iOS: goo.gl/wnUkgA

Q: I'm still a beginner, what should I do when I start playing?

A: Gather resources, Level up your character, Create a Catcher, Garden Bed, Campfire, and Build your first house.

Q: After this game is officially released, no longer be beta, will all progress be reset?

A: I don't know about that. But most likely beta will be reset, especially the level. My advice is not to be too intense playing it first if you don't want to disappoint either reset or not, at least you already have experience playing this game. That's also important.

Q: How do I change my name?

A: Click here

Q: Is it true if we steal stuff from other survivor houses, it can be stolen back by other players?

A: At this moment no one will steal something from you. (There is a raid system now)

Q: Do the characters who attack us are online players?

A: No, he is not a player, for now only NPC AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Q: I want to make Berry Tea or other things, but why did the process not start?

A: That's because the amount of items you put in the Campfire/Melting Furnace is less than the requested.

Q: Is it true if we open the Weapon Crate from the Dealer in the Airdrop event box always has firearms?

A: No, it's just a myth, I've tried it myself and not always got guns.

That's The Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki Guide. If there is any wrong information, I will update this guide as soon as possible. For you guys who want to add tips and tricks, please just tell us in the comments below. Thanks for reading this article.

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