How to Get a Dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

How do you get a dog? This is how to get a dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (HM: StH) PS4!

The dog is one of the pets in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (StH).

The dog won't be of much use at first. However, as you train him to become a smart dog and your best friend, he will be able to help you herd animals into the barn, get a power berry, and find sacred land.

Like some Harvest Moon games, you have to befriend the dog first to be able to bring it home.

HM: STH How to Get a Dog

But there is also Harvest Moon series such as Back to Nature, Friends of Mineral Town, or A Wonderful Life which immediately gives you a dog from the start of the game. So you don't have to bother getting it anymore.

How to Get a Dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

There are two kinds of dogs that you can choose to raise in Save the Homeland. A traditional dog with a red collar or a gray husky dog with a blue-collar.

The only way to make one of them your pet is to get the dog to like you enough so you can catch and bring it home.

Start feeding them by filling the blue dog dish in front of your house each day. If you're still poor and don't have lots of money, you can fill it with grass, flower, or very berry.

They can be found and seen wandering around on your farm, Walnut forest, or the Harvest Goddess lake area.

The Dog Selection

The selection of a dog that will be your pet is based on which one you befriend the most, chase often, pick up, and bring home.

If you see the one you like, try to chase him while hitting the X button. If he likes you enough, you'll be able to pick him up, give a name, and take him home.

But don't chase the dog carelessly, first choose which dog you want to keep, then catch it up!

To get a dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland is not that hard. You can try it yourself now!

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