The Most Mysterious Character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

This is the most mysterious and controversial character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley!

At least from a total of 27 NPC characters, there is one character that I think is the most mysterious in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (HoLV).

If you check the 'Character Profile' on the Diary, there is an unknown character who is still given a question mark (???) between Flak and Ponta.

HM HoLV Gol Dodo

You may be wondering, who actually is he?

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley - Zann

His name is Zann (English version), but specifically for the Japanese and Korean versions of Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, he is named Gol Dodo. He was a foreigner who had come to Leaf Valley village to do some business, so he was not a native.

There are interesting facts about this character. Originally, Zann had black skin because he had an African background. That's also why he speaks quite strangely and is also not good at speaking English.

HM HoLV Zann

However, this sparked some controversy and criticism, making HM: HoLV players who knew about it angry. Yes, maybe they thought that Marvelous and Natsume were racist, even though the intention was to make the characters more varied.

Finally, some updates were made by the developer. Zann's skin tone was changed to a light brownish and he spoke differently than before as seen in the pic above to solve that problem.

When Can I See Zann in HM: HoLV?

You will meet him after successfully saving the village from Funland Company and are in the 3rd year. On Spring 7, Zann will come to your house.

He will talk about scrap metal and ask you to give him that thing if you have it. In exchange, he would trade and make accessories for you.

When you first meet him, he will say something like this:

"You...bring...Scrap metal."

"I ... trade...accessories..."

"You find Scrap metal. Bring here. I trade accessory."

"No need money. Want Scrap metal...Okay?"

"Scrap metal..."

"Scrap metal. Go get. I make accessory."

After that brief introduction takes place, you can see him at the Plaza from the morning at 8:00 AM to the afternoon on a sunny or cloudy day. You will not be able to meet and see him there on a rainy or stormy day.

Because this character is so mysterious, before his real identity is known, many Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley players constantly assume where Zann is from and make fictional stories of him.

For example, the scrap metal collected by Zann. Who knows what it will be used for, to make weapons to attack the village? Yeah, who knows?

That's the story of Zann, a mysterious and controversial character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. Thanks for reading!

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