5 Best Harvest Moon Games You Should Play at Least Once in Your Life

This is the top list of the best Harvest Moon Games of all time that you have to play at least once in your life!

Harvest Moon is one of the most beloved farming simulation games, cherished by fans worldwide even today.

Its enduring popularity spans across age groups, with children and adults enjoying this captivating game for hours on end. Its simplicity and charming rural setting contribute to its widespread appeal.

While numerous Harvest Moon series have been released over the years, some stand out as the best among the rest. Therefore, let's now select...

Good Harvest Moon Games

5 Best Harvest Moon Games You Should Play

Here are our picks for the best Harvest Moon games you should play:

5. Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland

Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland marks a significant leap forward in the Harvest Moon series in terms of graphics.

Playing as Jack (affectionately referred to as Toy due to his cap), players have a mission to save the village by completing various tasks within a year.

However, unlike other installments, players are unable to pursue marriage or start a family, which is a departure from the traditional elements of the series.

Despite this limitation, Save The Homeland excels in gameplay and graphics, setting a high standard for future Harvest Moon titles.

While subsequent series may have surpassed it, Save The Homeland remains a beloved entry in the franchise for many players.

4. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

In Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, players face the task of restoring the weakening tree at the center of the Harvest Goddess pond. Failure to do so will result in many plants' demise and local wildlife's departure.

To achieve this, players must cultivate numerous crops and ring the five bells to summon the Harvest King, who possesses the power to revive the tree and safeguard the village.

In addition to this overarching quest, players can also experience the joys of marriage and parenthood. However, some may find the character design a bit peculiar, detracting from the overall experience.

Nonetheless, the game boasts stunning graphics, reminiscent of Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

One of the standout features of Animal Parade is the ability to raise a diverse array of animals, a feature not found in other Harvest Moon games.

3. Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is a remake of Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland, evident in the shared events and characters between the two games.

However, HM: HoLV introduces several enhancements not present in STH, including the ability to marry, the option to progress through events without starting from the beginning of the year, and a greater variety of events.

In contrast to other entries in the series, HM: HoLV presents a clear objective: to rescue the village from destruction at the hands of the Funland company.

A notable feature of HM: HoLV is the opportunity to marry the Harvest Goddess (Marina), adding a unique twist to the game. However, the absence of the ability to have children in this installment is a limitation.

Regarded as one of the most challenging Harvest Moon titles, HM: HoLV requires considerable effort to complete all the event endings without reading a walkthrough.

2. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

If you were born in the 90s, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature might have been the game that truly sparked your love for the series. Regarded as the pinnacle of its time, it remains a beloved classic.

Even today, the game's popularity endures, where creative individuals craft playful "Hoax" Harvest Moon: Back to Nature images for entertainment.

Despite its dated graphics and gameplay (understandable given its 1999 release), HM: BTN holds countless secrets and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. For instance, who is the little girl in the opening scene?

Moreover, marriage and family-building mechanics add to the game's enduring appeal, keeping many players playing it to this day.

However, some players may prefer Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, considering it an improved version of Back to Nature.

1. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

The last Harvest Moon worthy of being the best is Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. Besides having many features like mini-games, it also has many secrets. This Harvest Moon is very different from other series because the game is similar to real-life simulation.

You can get married and have children. Your child can also help you take care of the farm when he's grown. And the most interesting feature is you can get old and die!

While criticism has been directed at the PS2 version for its sluggish performance, playing it on PS4 offers a smoother experience.

For you, fans of farming simulation games, I highly recommend you to play this series. Its depth and immersive gameplay are sure to leave a lasting impression, especially for those already familiar with the genre.

These five best Harvest Moon games recommendations, although other notable good titles like Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, A New Beginning, DS, and A Tale of Two Towns also deserve attention.

So what do you think? Which Harvest Moon series is the best? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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