Easy Way to Get a Lot of Compost in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Here's how to get Compost in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition for Switch, PS4, PC, and Mobile.

Recently, a few players asked me how to get compost in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. So, it's a great idea to make this guide even though the answer is pretty simple.

Before we go to the main explanation, it would be nice for you to know short information about compost.

Compost is an important item because it is used as fertilizer and can be used as material to make Fertilizer/Blend.

How to Get Compost in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Fertilizers can improve the quality of crops. It helps you to grow crops outside the growing season, so make the crops not die.

Besides, this compost is also often requested by Dean.

So, it is not wrong if some of the new players looking for information about this compost in HM LoH.

How to Get Compost in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

First of all, you have to raise animals to get compost. Repair the Chicken Coop and Animal Barn on your farm. Then buy some animals on Sofia's Livestock.

Every few days, I don't know exactly how many days, your animal will leave waste (dirt) in the Coop and Barn.

You will get the compost automatically when you clean those animal waste using Pitchfork given by Sofia. You will get it right after you buy your first animal.

It will appear the words "Got Compost" which means you get one compost. So, if you want to get compost quickly, just raise a lot of animals as much as possible.

How to Convert Compost to Fertilizer/Blend

Compost can actually be used directly as a fertilizer, but the effect is not as good as the real fertilizer. So you have to convert it to fertilizer.

You can convert the compost into fertilizer through a building called a Fertilizer Bin. This thing is located in various places on the beacon's island, but mostly on the farms.

On your farm, the Fertilizer bin is located on the left side of the road to the mountain area. You need Softwood Lumber 20x and 500 G to repair it so it can be used to convert the compost.

Four compost to make Fertilizer 10x.

In addition to Fertilizer, you can also make a variety of fertilizer for a specific plant called Blend. But you need a recipe to make a certain fertilizer. You will get the recipe by completing some requests from Dean.

By using this Fertilizer Bin and compost as its basic ingredient, you don't always have to buy fertilizer or blend from Carol.

That's everything you need to know about compost in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. I hope this guide will be useful for you who have recently played this game. Thanks for reading.

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