How to Get a Hammer in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

How do you get a pickaxe or hammer? This is how to get hammer in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Switch, PS4, PC, and Android!

The hammer is a type of tool that you can use in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (LoH). Having a hammer is a must because it's so essential.

The hammer is used to break rocks and mining. Through that, you can get valuable materials such as stones and ores, which are required to accomplish the main storyline.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope How to Get Hummer

However, getting a hammer can be a problem for some players particularly those who have just played Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC, PS4, Switch, or even Android.

So, because of that, we want to help those of you who are struggling to get a hammer by making this kind of specific post.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Find a Hammer

I assume you've already unlocked the Mountain area after you placed the Second Stone Tablet in the Lighthouse. When you first enter this area, you will meet Naomi and Sally.

Naomi will give you a map of Beacon's island that not only uses as directions, but you can also find the location of the villagers in real-time.

Furthermore, they also recommend you to repair the mine in advance rather than other buildings. So, you have to go through the following actions and events chronologically:

Structures and Buildings That You Have to Repair

The first thing you should do is repair a damaged bridge (there is a broken stone tablet near this bridge) that leads you to the central area of the Mountain.

There, you will find Gus' house (Gus' Smithy) and if you walk a little further up you'll get into the mine. You have to repair both of them as well.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Unlock Gus's Smithy

Repair the bridge

Materials: Softwood Lumber 5x
Cost: 600G

Repair the Gus's Smithy

Materials: Softwood Lumber 20x
Cost: 500G

Repair the Mine

Materials: Softwood Lumber 10x
Cost: 500G

Melanie Comes to the Town

Once you've repaired Gus' Smithy, there will be an event where you meet Melanie (Gus's granddaughter) if you visit the mountain area on the next day.

She's thankful to you because you've repaired her grandfather's house. And, she will ask you to find her grandfather. You can find him standing next to the mine.

Help Gus to Get Some Iron Ore

Gus wants return to his home with you, but you have to bring him some Iron Ore from the mines (found a lot at level 5-6 upwards). He will recruit and lend you a hammer for this job.

After accomplishing this task and lead Gus back to his home, he wants you to keep the hammer that he gave before.

Now you get a hammer to break some stones and go to mining. Gus's Smithy also provides some services to upgrade your tools and refine ores into metals or gems for you.

That's how to get the hammer in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. This applies to all versions be it on PC, PS4, Switch, and Android. I hope this helps!

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