How to Fish | Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Switch, PS4, and Android

How do you fish? This is how fish in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Switch, PS4, PC, iPhone, iOS, and Android!

Fishing is an ability you have as a main character in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (LoH). It's also one of the time-killing activities in this game.

However, it's not only as a side activity, but it's associated with the main storyline to get resources, find the piece of the third tablet, and the blue sprite Dewy.

Once you've already got a fishing rod, here you gonna learn how to fish because I know that some people out there are having a problem doing so. First, you need to know about fishing spot locations.

How to Fish Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Fishing Spot Locations

You can start fishing anywhere, along the waters of Beacon Island. But in this series, there are some fishing spots around the island, including;

  1. Small pond on your farm.
  2. River on your farm.
  3. River near you found a fragmented stone tablet in the mountain.
  4. Right outside the Goddess Spring. 
  5. Pier at the Beach.
  6. Pier at the Lighthouse Overlook.

As a beginning, because you have yet to open the fishing spot on the Beach and Lighthouse Overlook, you can only fish on your farm and in the mountain area.

The beach will be opened after you've placed the third tablet and lit up the third window of the lighthouse.

The piers at the Beach and Lighthouse Outlook will be unlocked after you've repaired the damaged structures of the spots.

Fishing Bait

Before you start fishing, it is a good idea if you buy fish bait from Sam's shop. You can also make better bait through the Windmill if you have the recipe.

You get the recipes by completing Cyril's Country Life requests.

Some types of bait that you can use for fishing are as follows:

  • Regular Bait
  • Good Bait
  • Excellent Bait
  • Delectable Fish Feed
  • Fertilizer Fish Feed
  • Tropical Feed
  • Ragnarok Feed

Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Catch Fish

To start fishing, you need to stand near the edge of the water body and cast the line in the direction that is already set. Press the Action button or click the green box that appears in the water, don't forget to use fish bait from your bag.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope How to Fish

The use of the bait to catch fish is not a must, but it encourages the fish to come and bite down faster, which saves you a lot of time.

If you don't see the shadow-shaped fish at all in the place you throw the line, pull it back immediately, and try to cast it again in the same or different direction.

When it shows some shadow of fish wandering around, wait a few moments until the bait is bitten by one of the fish.

After an exclamation point (!) appears followed by the sound of splashing water, reel your fishing rod by pressing the X (PS4) or A (Switch) on the controller.

A bar indicated as fish stamina surfaces above your head and you have to press or click the Action button repeatedly as fast as you can, to make it move to the left, and when it runs out, you catch the fish!

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope How to Fish

It will be more difficult to move the parameter for the bigger fish because it has more stamina and weight.

Hence, if you play on the PC, I recommend you use the mouse, instead of the keyboard. But if you are already comfortable with using the keyboard, better to use the 'X' button to make it easier for you to catch the fish.

Tip: Regularly fish in the river on the southern part of your farm to get a Perch which is one of the required materials to repair Bastian's Restaurant.

How to Fish in Harvest Moon Light of Hope Android

The Android version is the same as the instruction above, but all you need to do is tap-tap-tap your mobile screen right on the bobber or water nearby with your left or right-hand thumb.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Catch Multiple Fish

You're able to catch more than one fish, but the chance is random. You have to upgrade your fishing rod to a higher level. It gives you a better possibility to catch multiple fish at once on a strike if you have a Master or Glorious Fishing Rod.

That's How to Fish in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Switch, PS4, PC, and Android. I hope you learn something from here.

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