What Does Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn Job Posting Mean?

If you're looking for a job on LinkedIn, you'll likely find posts tagged with Actively Recruiting. What does it even mean?

A 2020 Jobvite report shows that 72% of recruiters are using the LinkedIn actively recruiting feature. 67% of them say that the best quality candidates are available on LinkedIn.

Each day, job seekers try various ways to find work. They ask friends and family for word of mouth. Asking about vacancies from companies and looking for opportunities from online or offline job postings.

Both recruiter and job seeker need each other. LinkedIn is a great social network that provides online services to connect and bring them together.

LinkedIn Actively Recruiting Badge

What Does Job Posting Mean in Recruitment?

A job posting is an advertisement for an available position in a company. The usage is to inform new vacancies for job candidates and attract them to apply if they're interested.

Many people think that a job posting and job description are the same. But, these two things mean different.

A job posting is an open job position advertised externally. It contains not only information about the job position but also the company and benefits offered. It's written in a catchy tone.

A job description is used to describe the company's job position. This internal document explains the role you wish to fill in detail, written formally.

In short, the job is explained by job descriptions and sold by job postings. A job posting is also called a job advert, hiring ad, job announcement, jobs ad, employment ad, and recruitment ad.

Although job posting effectively attracts active candidates, it's harder to find passive candidates who don't see the channel. We may resolve this problem using recruitment software like LinkedIn that provides detailed analytics for a job post and optimizes it.

A recruiter can attract top passive candidates and find out who is qualified with suggested professionals, even if they still need to be open to work.

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Meaning of Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Recruiter is an all-compassing recruiting platform for talented professionals to connect with, find, and manage the people you require on your company team.

LinkedIn can do nearly wonders for the career development of job seekers. Employers and recruiters alike use LinkedIn to acquire candidates for jobs.

Suppose that people on LinkedIn looking for a new employee will state that on their profiles, and there may be such announcement as seeking new or currently seeking.

Getting any results you'd like to know can be checked by running a job search on LinkedIn and let's see the action responses and how many displayed results.

With the Actively Recruiting Tag on LinkedIn, you'll recognize which companies post job opportunities and still actively processing applications. They will be marked as actively recruiting.

LinkedIn will categorize a job posting with the actively recruiting tag, depending on the past week's hiring activity. This later includes the feedback to applicants and the outreach via InMail to potential candidates.

So, the meaning of Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn is that a recruiter is actively looking for relevant candidates for an open position in the company.

Using the recruiting tools on LinkedIn is less time-consuming, much easier, more efficient, and more targeted than any online job platform used these days.

However, if you decide to dive into this platform, many terms need to be understood with many features: a Showcase Page, Sponsored Post, Recruiter InMail on LinkedIn, and many more.

Actively recruiting on LinkedIn job postings is a helpful badge of LinkedIn to meet recruiters' and job seekers' needs. To quickly identify if there is anyone out there who has job opportunities to offer.