How to Send an Email as Attachment in Gmail

Send an email as an attachment on Gmail is relatively easy, like sending an ordinary email. Here's how...

Google has added new capabilities to Gmail. Well, not entirely new, anyway, because the feature was released at the end of 2019. The service can now send other emails as attachments to emails to be sent.

Gmail added the "email in email" feature, intending to make it easier to discuss a topic via email. Instead of sending multiple emails related to a single topic separately, it's easier to include a series of emails as attachments.

Google already rolled out the feature of sending emails as attachments worldwide. For those who can already use it, an option "Forward as attachment" will appear on the overflow button as three vertical dots above the Gmail site display.

How to Send Emails as Attachments in Gmail

How does the attached email in Gmail works?

Gmail can send other emails as attachments. This function is beneficial when you need to send multiple emails to one recipient. Instead of having to forward individual emails, send the entire email as an attachment.

It's easy simply by opening the inbox on the Gmail site, click-hold and drag, then drop the email you choose to attach to the composing email window that opens.

It will then add an email from the inbox as an attachment in the message's body. Users can attach over one email if desired.

It will attach the other email as an attachment with the .eml file extension. This .eml file, you can open smoothly in a separate window on the web version of Gmail.

But note that the feature is not available on the mobile version of the Gmail app and mobile browsers. Although you can use this feature perfectly via the web, if you try to open it via a smartphone, the text displayed is random and cannot read at all.

How do you send an email with an attachment on Gmail?

Send an email as an attachment is relatively easy, like sending an ordinary email. Try to pay attention to the below steps:

Method 1 (short):

1. Open a web browser on your laptop or PC and log into your Gmail account as usual.

2. Then, mark the email you want to send as an attachment. You can select one or more emails.

3. After that, click the icon with three vertical dots at the top of the email.

4. On the menu, select "Forward as Attachment."

5. A new message window will appear with the selected email as an attachment with the EML file extension.

6. The emails will be sent as attachments to recipients.

Method 2:

1. Log into your Gmail account, compose a new letter using the "Compose" button and select the emails you wish to forward to be sent as attachments or you can tick multiple emails at once.

2. Drag and drop email or Drag selected email and drop it in Gmail composing field.

3. The selected email will now appear as an attachment in the compose window. It looks the same as when you attach a file to an email. Or, if you are not familiar with drag and drop, you can check multiple emails and right-click and select "Forward as Attachment," or click the three vertical dots icon at the top to bring up the "Forward as attachment" menu.

4. Fill in the email body before you send it.

5. Don't forget to enter the email recipient before you hit the send button.

6. You can now send the email by clicking the Send button.

How to attach multiple emails in Gmail

It may still confuse some of you about how to attach multiple emails to one email at once. So We decided to make a separate explanation for this matter even though the point is the same.

If you want to forward several emails to one of your contacts at once, this will be very complicated and time-consuming. It will be easier if you can send multiple emails in one attachment.

To answer this, Gmail finally released the send email as an attachment feature to make it easier for users to send multiple emails in one email.

How to attach multiple emails in Gmail

We consider this method quite adequate because it can save you a lot of time. For more details, view the quick way below:

  1. Open Gmail via a supported web browser.
  2. Select and mark several emails that you want to attach.
  3. Next, click the icon with three vertical dots at the top of the email.
  4. Select "Forward as Attachment" on the menu.
  5. Wait until it successfully uploaded the attached emails.
  6. If the emails you attach are over 25MB, your Google Drive is the upload destination.

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How to reply with an attached email on Gmail

Besides sending emails as attachments, you may need to reply to emails by attaching another email to your Reply. Doing so is also quite simple and easy. Here's how to do it quickly:

1. Open the email you want to reply to, click Reply.

2. View at the top right of your email, then click the Pop-up icon.

3. Then select the email you want to attach from your inbox.

4. Drag and drop the email you want to attach to your reply message.

5. Finally, you can click the Send button, and it will send an email reply with an email attachment.

Why can't I send an attachment in Gmail?

First, ensure you're using a supported web browser. Otherwise, try adding an attachment in another browser. If you have a web browser proxy configured, please try disabling it.

Email providers set limits on the size and type of attachments you can send. The most common reason you can't send the attachments is that the file size is too large and your Gmail account reaches its storage limit.

While one service allows attachments up to 10 MB, the other only allows attachments up to 1-2 MB to avoid the email going to the spam folder.

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