What Does BMS Mean on TikTok and Instagram?

Here's what it means when someone gives you a BMS rating on how you look and the content you post on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok.

We love to discuss the popular and unique slang terms that teenagers use to communicate on social media. Previously we've talked about the meaning of XYZBCA on TikTok, and now we'll explain what BMS means.

We all already know that TikTok and Instagram are the two most popular social apps these days for their unique interface, function, looks, and content.

Since millions of people worldwide use them, so many new terms, words, or acronyms appear. One of the exciting slang terms you may notice is BMS.

It is not only a random acronym that comprises the three letters; B, M, and S, similar to XYZBCA. But it has a special meaning and communication used in many popular social apps.

What Does BMS Mean on TikTok?

BMS Meaning

The acronym BMS on TikTok stands for "Broke My Scale," and it tells something extraordinary. Besides TikTok, you may find people use it on some other social media platforms as well.

Usually, when someone thinks it is impossible to measure someone's look and appearance or something else on the scale given. An example is when you need to rate a content video from 1 to 10.

After that, you may think that ten is not enough to rate that post because it is beyond amazing. You can use this internet slang, BMS, which shows that it has exceeded your standard appraisal scale.

The simple case is when a girl asks for an opinion about her uploaded video. If you think it's perfect, it is possible to comment on this: "Girl, that's so cool, and your video is BMS!"

The fact is that BMS is a positive acronym as an expression of complimenting other people. It is especially true if those people are asking for the appraisal and they understand the term as well.

What Does BMS Mean on Instagram?

As stated before, people also use the term BMS in other popular social media platforms where one is for such as Instagram. The question now is "Does it have that same meaning and uses?"

Yes! That's correct. The meaning of BMS on Instagram is "Broke My Scale." From some references, we also know it has the same uses.

It is mainly used to cheer up other users who are usually a girl. She wants the others to rate her post, image, or video. Not meant to be a simp, anyway.

You can say that this thing is so out of the box and cool at the same time. It is especially how someone responds a something or when others are asking for a rating.

The usage of the acronym is not only for a specific social media or platform. People may apply that term in daily communication, too, but make sure that the conversation partner knows the meaning.

It is such a unique manner to tell your appraisal rate. The good thing is that you can use it on any kind of social media platform available these days.

How is BMS used?

People use the term 'broke my scale' in specific ways or conditions that appear as explained above. Still, BMS is a positive acronym that you could use to express someone's beauty.

In today's modern age, Broke My Scale is the right option to replace any appraisal expressions such as gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, or something like that.

Let us take an example in a genuine circumstance where someone asks your opinion about her look and appearance. She may say, "Please rate me from 1 to 10." So how should you answer that?

If you think her looks are just perfect and impressive, it is possible to respond like this: "For me, you are gorgeous! You're BMS this night."

You can do the same thing on Twitter and Snapchat as the one did on Instagram and TikTok. It is possible to reply to a post in the caption box and deliver your BMS response via the features available.

If it is not, using the Broke My Scale hashtag (#BMS) is also a fun thing to do, especially if you want to ask for a rate for the video or content made.

The "broke my scale" term has the same meaning and uses in those popular social platforms mentioned above. It shows your assessments and rate that someone's appearance or content post is beyond more than just great.

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