How to Train Your Dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

This post is about dog training. How to train your dog with the flute in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland [HM: StH] PS4.

Once you get a dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (StH), your next job is to make him like you more.

To get your dog to like you more, be sure to pick him up and fill his food dish every day. Put him in your house if it rains. When you get rich, feed him fish or milk. Don't forget to buy a dog house for 5000G at Woody's Carpentry.

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland - How to Train Your Dog

You can also train him to speed up his friendship points with the flute which will be given to you by Louis one day at Maple Lake. If you already befriend him, of course.

How to Train Dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

As I've explained above, your dog can be trained using the flute. This tool can be used to make a better relationship between you and your dog.

You can train your dog to perform many different commands such as sit, jump, and run. This action will increase your dog's affection faster.

Equip the flute, press the Square button, then hold down the X button while pressing the buttons below repeatedly to perform the commands.

  • Bark: Left, Right, Left, Right
  • Heel: Left, Right, Right
  • Jump: Left, Up, Right
  • Lay down: Up, Down, Down
  • Run: Left, Right, Left, Right (He can herd animals to the barn if the affection level is high)
  • Sit: Up, Left, Down
  • Sit up: Down, Up, Up.

By the way, it will take some time before your dog responds to some of the commands you perform above.

It depends on his current affection level, but he will respond really quick when he has become your best friend. The key is more often you train your dog, the faster his affection level will increase to reach 5 hearts

A smart dog who already be a best friend can help you to get a Power Berry and herd animals to the barn. He will also be helpful in finding the location of the 'Sacred Land' and assisting you to complete Treasure Hunt 2 (Golden Potato) ending.

That's How to Train Your Dog in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (Sth). I hope this could be useful. Thanks for reading!

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