How to Make a Professional Email When Your Name Is Taken

What should I make my email if my name is taken? How do I make a business email when my name is taken? Find out the solution here!

Your email address serves as your online identity card for business. It's often the initial means of contact, making it crucial to ensure it's of high quality.

Whether you're job hunting, expanding your social circle, or managing a small business, having a professional email address is essential.

Investing time in creating one that exudes professionalism is vital. Doing so not only leaves a positive impression but also unlocks numerous opportunities.

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But what if your username is already taken when you create a new email account?

What should I make my email if my name is taken?

No need to worry if your desired email address is already in use!

With some creativity, there are many ways to find the perfect professional email address that works best for you.

Here are some ideas you can do:

Add your middle name or initial to the address

For instance, if your name is William Edward and "williamedward@gmail.com" is taken, you could try "william.e.edward@gmail.com" or "w.edward@gmail.com."

Add dots and underscores

For a clean look, use dots or underscores to separate your name. "will.edward@gmail.com" or "william_edward@gmail.com" could work. Just keep it neat and easy to remember.

Add your interests or hobbies

Moreover, consider incorporating a word or phrase related to your hobbies, job, or interests, like coding or singing. For instance, you can try “edwardwilliamcoding@gmail.com.”

Experiment with different combinations until you find one that is available for you.

What to do if an email username is taken?

If you can't get and secure the email username you want, get creative!

Try using initials and nicknames or adding details like your profession or location to make it unique.

For instance, if "williamedward@gmail.com" isn't available, you could try "willyedwardwriter@gmail.com" or "williamedwardNY@gmail.com."

Alternatively, incorporate something distinctive about yourself, such as the title "doctorwilliam@gmail.com."

Keep trying until you find the perfect one!

How to write a professional email with your name

Creative email addresses are often easier to remember than plain ones. However, it's wise to stick to more conventional email address ideas for business purposes.

Here are six tips to keep in mind when you want to make professional email addresses that reflect credibility:

1. Use a username or domain that represents your business. It looks more professional and tells clients what you're all about.

2. Avoid using silly nicknames or numbers. They don't give off a professional vibe.

3. Stick to a simple, easy-to-remember format. You want clients to recognize you easily.

4. Using a generic domain name from your email provider doesn't look professional. Consider a unique domain name like @accountant.com for better memorability.

Learn more: How to Create a Business Gmail Account (Step-by-Step Guide)

5. As a freelancer or small business owner, you can choose alternative prefixes for your email address, like info@, sales@, or careers@, instead of using your name.

6. Another option is to use your job title, position, or department name before the @ in the email domain, like sales.manager@ or finance.team@. These ideas result in professional email addresses that clients can easily remember.

When creating your professional email address, think twice before including your job position. While it can make you seem more official, remember that job titles can change.

If you include your current job in your email address and then get a new position, you might have to update it anytime.

Changing your email in the future might need to be clarified for clients or contacts.

Before including your job title in your email address, it's crucial to consider whether it might change in the future.

Instead, try a more general approach using your business name or a neutral prefix like "info@" or "sales@" to avoid future problems.

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A good professional email address if you have a common name

Here are some extra ideas and examples to help you select a more professional email address by using free platforms:


Use words that describe you or your job (for example, WilliamEdwardMD@gmail.com or WilliamSocialMedia@gmail.com).

Flipped first and last name

Put your last name first, then your first name (for example, LopezJuliet@gmail.com or EdwardsWilliam@gmail.com).


Use single or even double punctuation if needed. (example W.D.Edwards@gmail.com or WilliamEdward_@gmail.com).

Be cautious not to use excessive punctuation marks because there is a big possibility that people will write your email wrong.

A professional email address can enhance your professionalism with employers and fellows.

Taking it a step further, owning your domain name (the part after the "@") grants you even greater control and enhances trust.

Plus, you won't have to change your email whenever you switch jobs.

Follow the tips above, and you can quickly find your professional email!

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